3 ways to train your logical thinking

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We have to do a lot of things everyhideee day.
However, when you actually get to work, many different things get complicated and you may not know where to start.
Logical thinking is a method of thinking that organizes and simplifies complex things.
In this article, we will introduce how to practice logical thinking ability, an indispensable skill for all working people and the basis for performing all kinds of jobs.

3 ways to train your logical thinking
3 ways to train your logical thinking

What is logical thinking?

Logic means reasonable and reasonable.
Logical thinking is a way of thinking that organizes things systematically and creates a path free of contradictions and leaps  .
It is especially helpful when thinking about solutions to problems.

Benefits of learning logical thinking

Logical thinking is useful in many business situations, so it is one of the  skills that all working people should have regardless of industry or job title  .

1. Improved Problem Solving

Problem solving is a series of steps to find problems and problems, analyze the causes, and come up with and implement solutions.
It is the foundation of all activities, and problem-solving skills are essential to achieving business results.
The ability to solve problems by organizing things systematically and train logical thinking to accurately grasp cause-and-effect relationships will also be greatly improved.

2. Improved presentation and recommendation

You will be able to make coherent statements that convince the negotiating partner, making it easier for your proposal to be approved.

3. Improve communication

The ability to communicate includes the ability to listen and the ability to communicate.
Listening ability is the ability to correctly understand the opinions and thoughts of the other person, while communication ability is the ability to understand ones own opinions and thoughts correctly.
By training your ability to think logically, you can expect to improve both of these abilities.

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4 ways to train your logical thinking

4 ways to train your logical thinking
4 ways to train your logical thinking

Some people may have the impression that it is difficult, but anyone can completely master it with training.

Method 1: Make the words concrete

First of all,  changing abstract words to concrete words  in ordinary everyday conversation is training logical thinking.
For example, be careful if you often use these words.

・ We will focus on what we should do and do our best to achieve our goal. → Clarify what we will do specifically.
・ Apply early → Specify a specific date.

In particular, the sense of early later varies from person to person.
Words with a high level of abstraction may not convey exactly what you want to convey to the other party  .
To convey that everyone can have the same image, we need to define words more specifically.

Method (2): Notice your own thinking habits

To train logical thinking, you also need to be aware of your own thought habits.
To improve your thinking habits, it is very effective to learn a  way of thinking  called   critical thinking   to consciously look at your thoughts critically.
By practicing critical thinking, you will develop the ability to  see things without getting caught up in subjectivity or prejudice .

On the other hand, critical thinking is also a difficult way of thinking to learn by just reading books or watching videos.
Some business schools, offer courses, so thats one way to use these outside institutions.

Method (3): Long press the necessary questions

To think logically, it is important  to retain the essential questions  .
Always keep in mind that What are the problems you are cleaning up in front of you (= questions)?
There are many cases where the work does not go well because the question is not sure.

For example, lets say you are assigned to the Sales Enhancement Project Team.
People often think What about training to strengthen sales force and unintentionally change the question in mind What kind of training should I….
Then, even if the training proposal youve created is a masterpiece, training can be just one part of boosting sales.
In reality, training is a minor issue, and in essence, the question how to rethink the sales process may be more important.

There are two tips for answering the question.

  • 1. Break down the question
  • 2. Check the background of the question

[first. Split question]

For example, lets say you are in charge of the human resources department and your boss asks you to think about measures to develop global human resources in the company.
This is too vague a big question, so well break down the questions to consider, such as what kind of workforce?, When?, How much?, and how long?.

[2. Check the background of the question]

It is also important to understand what kind of problem perception is behind the questioner? And how did the question come up?
In the case of global human resources, the scope of things to think about depends on whether its an HR-only issue or a company-wide strategic shift.
For background checks, we recommend simply asking, Whats the background behind these themes?

Method (4): Frame statements and bases

After long-pressing question, the next thing to think about is your own answer (request) to that question.
If the question is what should we do to develop global human resources?, the affirmative sentence is for that goal, we should work on XX and △△ first.
And, in order to make a certain statement, there also needs to be a series of grounds such as Why would you say that?.
If the two were closely linked, it would be a lot more convincing.

Claim: I think
Base: Because

Here are two approaches to building a claim.

  • 1. Deduction method
  • 2. Induction method

[first. Deduction method]

It is a method of drawing conclusions and assertions by applying specific facts to existing rules  .
We dont always think everything on a zero basis when trying to make any request.
In areas where you already have some knowledge or rules, you can make a claim by borrowing that knowledge.

The key to learning deductively is to intensify the drawing of general rules and keep your knowledge usable.

[2. Touch method]

This is a method of finding a general rule from many facts and making a statement that can be logically made .

While the deductive method automatically determines the conclusion, the inductive method is characterized by multiple interpretations.
It is necessary to be able to imagine new things from immediate events.
Touchs forte is to throw away your beliefs and collect samples firmly and to increase the range of experiences and cases and gain the ability to think specifically.

3 concepts that support logical thinking

3 concepts that support logical thinking
3 concepts that support logical thinking

To learn logical thinking, you should also master the three elements   MECE  ,   business framework   and   logic tree  .

1. “MECE”: Pursuit of Perfection

MECE  is an acronym for this word.

  • Mutually
  • Exclusive
  • Collectively
  • Exhaustive

It means as a set, each set is covered without overlap and without omission  .

It is a way of thinking to pursue perfection in everything, and  it is important to think about the best solution  in  limited time  (* In business, time and resources are limited). If you know
MECE  naturally, your ability to organize information will increase dramatically, and efficiency and productivity will increase.

On the other hand, if MECE is not set up and there is a  leak or a double, it will be a solution mismatch or inefficient resource allocation will occur  .

For example, lets say you categorize by occupation.
In the case of [Students / Housewives / Part-timers / Office workers]
Yes extra does not include self-employed people, there are also students and part-timers.
This classification method is not MECE.

2. “Business Framework”: MECE . Application

Many so-called business frameworks are applications of MECE.
It is very helpful in grasping the essence of the situation and the task, so you should actively learn and master it  .

[Example (1): 3C]

This framework is useful for conducting environmental analysis in situations such as identifying new markets and developing new products.

  • Customer: Who is your target customer and what is the market situation like?
  • Company:What are your strengths and uniqueness?
  • Competiror: What are your strengths and uniqueness?

[Example : 4P]

It is a useful framework for establishing and reviewing marketing strategies.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

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3. “Logic tree”: Control width and depth

This  is a useful way of thinking when figuring out the cause of a problem or when coming up with and identifying a solution  .
It also has the advantage of making it  easier to prioritize possible solutions  .
Based on the  concept of  MECE  (non-missing and overlapping coverage), we will disassemble and organize the elements in a tree shape (* Imagine a tree overgrown with leaves).

For example, when looking at market opportunities for very difficult products and services, we would think with such a tree of logic.


Basic business skills demonstrated by logical thinking are those that have a greater return on investment if they are learned at a young age.
Be active in training.

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