5 ways to set goals!

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When trying to achieve something, it is important to set goals and execute them.

However, even when you set a goal, it often doesnt work,

Even if you set a goal, you cant easily achieve it…
I want to know tips for effective goal-setting.

5 ways to set goals!

You are thinking?

If you dont set goals according to your goals and current situation, you wont be able to achieve what you want to do.

You want to set goals goals that will help you achieve what you want to do.

If you want to get what you want by knowing how to set goals and tips, read to the end of this article.

Let’s improve the achievement rate with the right method

Let's improve the achievement rate with the right method
Lets improve the achievement rate with the right method

Setting goals is  a means to achieve the  objectives  of you  .

If you set your goals the wrong way, you will have a hard time achieving your goals.

Choose  the right goal setting method for  your purpose and increase your odds of achieving it.

There are five ways to achieve your goal.

  1. SMART Law
  2. Basic method
  3. Three-point placement method
  4. Benchmarking method
  5. Rating method

Lets look at them in order.

1. SMART . Law

If you want to maximize the feasibility of achieving your goals, try SMART Law.

The SMART Rule is a method of setting goals by clarifying the  five elements necessary  for  achievement  .

It is named after the abbreviations of the following five elements.

  • Specific: Is the  goal specific?
  • Measurable: Can the rate and progress of goal achievement be measured?
  • Assignable:  Are you assigning roles or privileges?
  • Reality: Is the  goal achievable?
  • Time-related (set deadline): Is  the deadline set?

The SMART law was proposed by George T. Doran and has since been improved in various ways.
It is a  goal setting method that can  maximize the power of not only the individual but also the team  .

Once youve set your goal, apply the rules of SMART and check for any omissions.

2. Basic method

If you want to know how to achieve your basic goals, try using the basic method.

The basic method is  a four-step goal-setting method  .

  1. Set goals: what to achieve?
  2. Defining Success Criteria : What are the specific criteria for achievement?
  3. Set deadline: until when
  4. Achievement planning: How to achieve it

Goals of 1 can be divided into four categories: improve/enhance, improve/remove, maintain/continue, and create/develop.

Try placing only one of them.

The success criterion for 2 is set by clarifying the numerical values ​​and conditions.
800 points in TOEC, I have no difficulty with business English, etc.

Decide on 3 deadlines and 4 achievement plans specifically so you can take immediate action.
For example, until the test after 3 months or read a reference book.

The basic method is a basic goal setting method, so it is  also recommended  for  those who set goals for the first time  .

Basic method
Basic method

3. Three-point placement method

The three-point setting method is a deeper dive into the basic methodology that is the basis of goal setting.

The three-point setting method establishes the goal by  establishing the  following three factors .

  • Topic: What to achieve?
  • Level of Achievement: What is the criterion for achievement?
  • Means: How to achieve

First, lets set specific goals for the topic What to achieve.

It is easier to set more specific goals using the following three methods.

  • Yes, Fast, Cheap, Easy: Book from the Right Perspective, Faster, Cheaper and Easier
  • Self-denial: Pose with the idea what kind of problem will happen if I cant do well?
  • Process Testing: Define and set up your own flow of actions (processes)

Next, set the achievement level.
The more specific this is, the easier it is to achieve the effect.

However, it would be difficult to achieve by quantifying extreme performance levels like set to 0 and get to 100%.

In addition to numeric values,  decide on the achievement level by combining status and schedule status  .

Finally, decide how to achieve it.

There are two points to consider how to achieve this.

  • A little change in the way we used to be
  • Think about what you can do now and take action

If you change too much, it will be difficult to continue, so you should be aware of slight changes.

Also, if you act while being aware of what you can do at the time, you can think of specific actions from a new perspective.

The triple point method establishes the above three factors.

4. Benchmarking Method

Have you ever heard the word benchmark?
The benchmark method uses a benchmark, which means index/standard, as an indicator for setting goals.

In benchmarking,  other successful people are likened to metrics/standards,  and better measures of self-improvement are found and goals set and implemented.

There are four steps in the benchmarking method.

  • Plan
  • Information collection and analysis
  • Integrate and set goals
  • Perform

By comparing yourself to others , you can clarify what  kind of difference is causing the difference in results  .

By identifying weaknesses and improving  , you can set goals accurately.

5. Method of Rank Up

If you want to aim for  your own steady growth,  we also recommend the method of ranking up.

In the ranking method, we will consider the goal with the following six points.

  • Improve: Focus on current problems and improve
  • Action: You will be able to act on behalf of someone more qualified than you.
  • Research: Research whether you can incorporate a theme into yourself or if there are any benefits
  • Versatile: Hone your skills in new areas in addition to your current skills
  • Dissemination of know-how: Passing skills and experience to third parties as know-how
  • Professionalize: Hone your skills and knowledge to a professional level

The points above allow you  to set goals that will elevate  you.

If you combine the basic approach and the three-point setting method, the set goals will become higher quality goals.

Five benefits of goal setting

Here are five benefits of goal setting.

  1. You can enjoy the feeling of success
  2. It leads to work motivation
  3. Clarify what needs to be done
  4. Become a positive thinker
  5. A clear vision for the future

Lets take a look!

Five benefits of goal setting
Five benefits of goal setting

1. You can enjoy the feeling of success

Are you doing your day job somehow?

By setting goals and implementing  them, you will be  able to  realize how well you have acted  towards your goals and how well  you have achieved results  .

If you can  see your actions and achievements  , you  will be more motivated,  and if you can achieve your goals, you  will  feel wonderfully accomplished  .

You will be motivated in your daily work and be able to actively do it.

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2. It leads to work motivation

Tasks and goals set by others tend to be unmotivated and passive.

However, you will be more motivated to achieve  the goals you feel need and set .

For example, its more motivating to decide lets do ◯◯s work in 10 minutes than to work with the ridiculous.

By setting goals, you will be able  to work with high motivation .

3. Clarify what to do

When you set goals, you start thinking about specific actions to achieve them.

Instead of working vaguely,  you can clarify what you  need to  do and act with a sense of purpose  .

Have you ever wondered, What are you doing for? Or What should I do? At work?

If you do not have a clear idea of ​​what you need to do and what you want to do, you cannot take effective action.

Goal setting  helps you understand what you need to do and take action .

4. Think positive

Being able to act on your goals  gives you confidence  and allows you  to think positively  .

Being able to do what you decide will give you confidence.

In addition, in the process of achieving the goal, you will feel that you will gain skills, knowledge and experience.

By setting  goals, you can feel that  you  are growing and getting closer to your goals  .

When you gain confidence, you are more likely to achieve your goals, creating a virtuous cycle in which goal attainment leads to more confidence.

5. Clear vision for the future

Goal setting is not only useful at work, but also in life.

What do you want to do in life and work in the future?
By setting goals, you can  make clear vision  of his  future .

By setting your own life goals, planning, and career choices, youll  be closer  to your  ideal life .

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