7S analysis in modern marketing strategy

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7s analytical method and case studies

7S analysis includes seven elements:

    • Strategy
    • Structure
    • Systems
    • Staff 
    • Skills
    • Style 
    • Shared Value

This is a method to perform a company diagnosis by analyzing it. Chiasenow will explain patterns that can be used in 7S analysis .

What is 7S Analysis ?

What does 7s analysis include
What does 7s analysis include

7S Analytics is backed by McKinsey & Company, a global strategy consultant. The interrelationships of some elements in corporate strategy.

Thats proof of a good company. Strategy is implemented while each element strengthens and complements the other. 7S analysis is classified into.

    • 3S hardware
    • 4S software

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7S  Hardware Analysis

What is hardware 7S analysis? Solid intentions and plans. You can easily change it and handle it with relative ease. Therefore, when conducting a company transformation, the hardware design is focused.

And it is easy to think that it would be successful if it could work. But in reality, Hardware and software are merged and aligned. Keep in mind that is the most important.

1 About strategy in 7s . analysis

When the vision is clarified according to the corporate philosophy, the goal is also clarified. Once you have a clear goal, you need to think about how to achieve it. That particular measure is strategy. Analyze strategic direction and business priorities.

2 About the organizational structure in 7s . analysis

Analyze whether your companys organizational structure is well-structured. We will analyze the structure of the job authority and command system of each position, how the pyramid is formed and how communication is carried out.

3 About internal systems in 7s . analysis

It refers not only to hardware systems such as internal information systems, but also to various internal systems such as performance evaluation systems, budget management systems, and goal management systems. pepper.

We will analyze what kind of system the companys operations management system is.

7S Analysis  Software

Hardware 7S analysis can be changed in a relatively short period of time, while software 7S analysis cannot be changed easily. 7S Analysis Software is the Constitution and Enterprise Environment, Means, etc.

Depends on the values ​​and customs of the people. Therefore, it is difficult to change in a short time. Even an individual, it is difficult to suddenly change style and personality. It can be said that it takes time to change and so much motivation.

4 About human resources (Employees) in 7s . analysis

We will analyze the companys human resources themselves and whether the recruitment and training is done effectively. It also includes the employee management system and how to motivate and motivate human resources.

5 About skills in 7s . analysis

It refers to the core competence, which is the best point of the organization. We analyze the technical capabilities, sales capabilities, marketing capabilities, etc. of the organization. Also, if you have the necessary skills but the strategy is lacking, take note of them.

6 About management style in 7s . analysis

We analyze management policy, corporate culture, etc. It also includes the characteristics of corporate culture, the way of management leadership.

Whether the decision-making method is top-down or bottom-up, the image of employees that are welcome varies from company to company.

About shared value in 7s . analysis

Chiasenow analyzes the foundations of business operations, such as the organizational vision, corporate philosophy, and action guidelines. It also includes an implicit code of conduct.

We also need to consider what company values ​​are shared by employees and whether there are any differences with management.

Analysis cases 7S

7S analysis is  sometimes compared with human body structure.

    • Brain = Strategy
    • Skeleton = Structure
    • Nervous = System
    • Blood = Staff
    • Muscle = Skill
    • Personality = Style
    • Aspiration = Shared Values

If you apply it this way, it will be easier to imagine.

Now, I would like to introduce an example of 7S analysis . The top management of the company that manufactures polishing materials for electronic components was aware of the problem in the customer information management system.

Influential information obtained at the meeting is not centrally managed and comes in different forms, making it difficult to find information. So in terms of hardware, Information Management System was introduced.

However, the chief thought that the ingrained constitution of the day could not be changed simply by introducing the System, the Style Improvement. We have made it easy for employees to exchange information with each other by disseminating internal SNS.

This is an example of increasing growth rate by removing growth inhibitory factors using 7S analysis and works not only on the hardware side but also on the software side.

Although the company is a 100-year-old store, it still maintains its number one position in the market.

Analytical Method 7S

Lets expand the 7S analysis chart . The company is at the center, The companys values ​​and vision, Organizational structure, Management style, Human resources, office system are established and surround the business strategy.

The balance of these seven must be consistent. Write your companys information in each template, organize it, and analyze the factors that are hindering growth and success factors.

How to create a recommendation using 7S . analysis

Lets create a proposal using 7S analysis . The bottom line is that the Analysis is exactly when explicit measures have been established for the results of the analysis. You should present the results of your analysis in the most visible format.

Example using framework: Local Bank

    • Strategy: Transform business from business lending to personal lending.
    • Structure: Is a general bank branch organization. Quantity is also average.
    • System: Almost no major changes or personnel changes.
    • Style: There is a deep sense that employees who can do it are in charge of the corporation, employees are in charge of individuals below.
    • Staff: Motivation and capacity are at the average level of banks in the region. The high-risk customer experience is generally low.
    • Skills: Insufficient credit management and information accumulation skills for high-risk individual clients.
    • Benefit sharing: Low risk value and low return.

7s . analysis  results

    • He came up with a strategy to turn high-risk clients into prime customers, but he didnt have enough knowledge and experience to implement it.
    • Momentum is not catching up, and even if this strategy is implemented, there is still a risk of failure.

Proposing a plan

    • Strongly change the personnel change mechanism.
    • Conduct training for high-risk clients to enhance their skills.

Summary analysis 7s

The 7S analysis proposed by McKinsey & Company is a template for diagnosing the feasibility of corporate strategy and measuring organizational integrity.

You can also visualize organizational structure from the seven elements that make up an organization. It is an effective tool from corporate strategic planning to rebuilding new projects,

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