What are external links? Importance of External Links for SEO

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What are external links?

A hyperlink on a Web page points to a page on another website. On a blog, a link is generally considered outbound if it points to another blog, even though both blogs are hosted on the same blog site.

In other words, External links refer to links between websites on the Internet.

Along with internal links, external links are one of the important factors that help improve the ranking of your website on search engines. External links and internal links are both an important part of Onpage SEO.

External links refer to links between websites on the Internet
External links refer to links between websites on the Internet

External Links are divided into 2 types:

  • Inbound Link to the website
  • Outbound Link from the website


Inbound Link to the website

An inbound link is a link from another website to your website, aka Back Link. If you have a lot of inbound links, your website ranking on Google will definitely improve.

Inbound links are also known as Backlinks, which are links from a website to another website. Links from other websites to your website are one of the most important factors to evaluate your websites ranking position on search results.

Inbound links from websites with better quality, the higher the position of that site in Google search results.

Outbound Link from the website

Outbound Links are links that point to other Web pages from your Website

When you link to relevant domains, it not only helps search engines understand your niche, but it also helps increase the trust and quality of your site which plays an important role in your SEO. your blog.

Although there are two types of External Links, if in the position of the Website owner, we will usually only understand the Links from the Web we point out.

At the same time, you cannot control the External Link Inbound. Unless, you have prepared yourself a huge amount of satellite web and feel free to use them. On the contrary, businesses will control Internal Link and External Link Outbound.

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Why are External Links important in web SEO?

In addition to being better indexed by search engines, high-quality content tends to be more referenced, as it presents important information to the public and its segment.

Therefore, this should be an important principle in how to SEO your website.

However, considering the noticeable effect of backlinks on the performance of web pages in search results, you should implement a variety of measures to get the best results.

In the SEO Trends report by many companies, it is clear how important this approach is to the performance of their posts.

The drive to acquire external links has been ongoing and over the years has helped companies conquer and maintain first place for strategic and highly competitive keywords.

Therefore, SEO professionals should not be limited to their own technical and content optimization settings.

It is important to understand the relationships between sites in your area and build a good relationship with them.

Outbound Links – Do Outbound Links Affect Website SEO?

We know that Inboud Link backlinks directly affect the organic performance of your pages in search results.

Outbound Links have a huge impact on SEO. It is one of the main factors to rank your website
Outbound Links have a huge impact on SEO. It is one of the main factors to rank your website

However, some tests done show that outbound links also contribute to the authority of the content on the website, and it is one of many Google ranking factors.

However, this claim is somewhat controversial because, although the recommendation exists in search engine guidelines, its direct impact on rankings has never been confirmed.

Either way, the tests argument helps marketers and SEOs worry that these links will shorten the time visitors spend on their site and increase bounce rates.

However, whether this information is true or not, the reality is that there are several other good reasons for you to use external links.

When Are Outbound Links – Outbound Links Necessary?

If you want other sites to link to yours, you should link to others, dont you think?

However, this practice is not limited to a mere diplomatic attitude of content producers.

If you want your visitors to find and enjoy the content you post on your site, you shouldnt go to great lengths to make the experience on your pages the best they can be - after all, your website visitors should be on the same page. you dont have to put much effort to find similar content on other website

Thinking in this sense, we have four situations where the use of external links is essential.

Lets find out with Chiasenow!

When your blog is not an expert on the topic

The internet is an open environment and theres no way to stop people from discovering it - neither should we!

Many times your blog provides a large amount of information, there are certainly some issues that may be related to your content, but that is not exactly what makes your business unique.

In such cases, if building a relationship of trust with your audience is important to you, why not provide visitors with another site that can provide more insight to the owner. this topic?

When you quote data and arguments

This is probably one of the most neglected best practices on the internet.

At a time when the Internet is rife with fake news, it has never been more important to provide information about data sources, quotes and news.

Also, since were working to provide a better experience on the site, Chiasenow recommends inserting a link to the original content, whether its scientific research or a piece of news.

This way, in addition to making the information in question more transparent, you will stop corroborating the spread of rumors (facts and studies where the source address is not mentioned)

When your site uses third-party content

Its okay to use images or videos from other sites in your content, as long as this material has been publicly disclosed by its authors and you clearly cite that in the post, could be a link to the page where the original content was published.

However, the use of excerpts from other articles deserves a little more attention.

When they are too long or too many on the same page, they can be interpreted by search engines as plagiarism.

When you want to get the attention of a potential partner

Digital Marketing tools can easily track outbound links.

That way, like pingbacks have been used before, outbound links can be used to demonstrate that your company supports another company or content and is willing to share it with your audience. Friend .

However, this should not be done indiscriminately. If the linked site doesnt find your link valuable, they may disavow it, so try to create links that are relevant and make sense.

What is the right way to use external linking?

Whether for inbound or outbound links, there are several parameters that affect the weight of outbound links in SEO, which are:

  • Links to important content: One link from a featured site can be more valuable than several links from smaller sites
  • Number of Links: The number of external links is important, but their value is relative
  • Coherent content: Links between sites with very different topics are not appreciated. When this happens regularly, your Website will be flagged for spam reporting and negatively affect SEO
  • Anchor text: The clickable text of the links should also be consistent with your destination, as it can affect Googles understanding of it
  • Spam: Links in comments and unrelated auto-subscriptions may be marked as Spam

Above all, use your links organically, including when partnering with other blogs. Therefore, unnecessary repetition must be avoided. Change your links and link text with user experience

How to manage your outbound links?

There are a number of tools for identifying and managing external links.

Chiasenow will suggest some tools below!

Analyze Outbound Links with Google Analytics

Google Analytics presents a range of functions to help us optimize links on a website, including the ability to list and track all external links contained on our pages.

After adding the Google Analytics tag to your site, simply add the script for that functionality in the page header.

When you do this, all clicks on your external links will be listed in your event report.

Monitor external links to your website with Google Search Console

To discover links inside and outside your site, you can use Search Console.

Simply select the Links option in the left menu to test the report with your sites external and internal links with several management options.

Useful External Link Optimization Tool Ahrefs

For a richer analysis, Ahrefs Backlink Checker is one of the most recommended solutions for Digital SEO and Marketing professionals.

This tool presents a rich set of metrics that allow you to analyze the quality of your backlinks and keywords.

7 tactics for you to get quality backlinks

If you want to get links from other sites, think about the content they want.

The following Chiasenow will introduce seven tactics to increase your backlinks.

  1. Be a data source: Even if youre not a research firm, you can provide relevant insights to other sites
  2. Using the Skyscraper technique: Basically, this practice consists of researching high-performing content (with lots of backlinks) and creating an even better new piece of content.
  3. Use desired content formats: Quiz, why or how to posts, graphics, information, and videos are the most referenced types
  4. Create a complete guide: If you want other sites to mention yours, say everything about the topic covered in one neat post.
  5. Fix Outdated Content Links: If your company has undergone any domain or branding changes, you can contact the sites linking to your outdated URLs and request they create links to your new pages.
  6. Citations in listings and resource pages: You can request links on web sites with listings of websites, products, and tools.
  7. Ask for backlinks in related mentions: When a page mentions your company or its content, but doesnt insert a link to your site, you can also request an additional link.

External links go a bit beyond the usual optimizations and invite us to look beyond our little corner of the web.

Among many other aspects, they remind us of the importance of focusing on user experience and prove that a good SEO job also depends on good relationships.

All the methods mentioned are very relevant to blog success, but there is one method that can definitely change the game for your business: Interactive Content!

Thank you for viewing the article at Chiasenow. Dont forget to leave your comment to let Chiasenow know what you think!

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