How to improve skills

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Differences from career advancement, specific methods, examples of HR solutions…

I think there are a lot of business people who want to improve their skills and those in charge of training companies who want to upskill their employees.

  • Meaning of skill improvement
  • The difference in the meaning of advancement in the matter
  • How to improve your skills
  • Effect of advanced skill improvement

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1. What is skill improvement?

Improve skills - upskill means enhancing ones ability through training.

I often use the term skill improvement, but I think there are a lot of people who think it means actions like improve your skills - technique, improve your skills, and improve your skills. skills that I have now.

One of the definitions of skill improvement is gaining new abilities that you dont currently have through training. The word skills up should be understood in a broad sense, including not only existing skills, but also the case towards new qualifications .

What are skills?

Skill generally refers to abilities acquired through training and learning .

What about in the context of skills improvement talked about in business? In that case, you might think of it as roughly synonymous with business skills.

Business skills is not limited to the narrow sense of ability and skill.

  • knowledge
  • experience
  • Mentality
  • Qualification

Explain skills in a broad sense, including  . The skills required in a business context  can also be assessed from the perspective of influencing employee behavior and the quality and quantity of outputs by refining them  .

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The difference in the meaning of career advancement

Career advancement is a term that is easily confused with skills advancement. Career advancement  which  implies that enhance career, position, position  .

For example, an occasional employee can become a regular employee. When changing jobs

  • Change to a higher position
  • Change job to a bigger company

It means.

Skill improvement does not include this meaning. If you focus on changing jobs,  you will find  that the two words are very different .

How to improve your skills

how to improve your skills
how to improve your skills

Now, lets look at how to improve your skills from the following two aspects.

  1. How to improve employee skills as an HR metric?
  2. How to improve your personal skills

How to improve employee skills as an HR metric?

There are three ways that HR and management can help employees improve their skills as a company.

  1. Expansion of training/education programs
  2. Expand/review HR system/support system
  3. Relocation (transfer, job rotation, etc.)

What is HR policy? Measures for the development of enterprises, three notable cases, trends, reform of working style
Human resources measures are the measures implemented by the Department of Organization and Personnel.

What is HR policy?
What is HR policy?

What is HR policy? Measures for the development of the enterprise, three notable cases, trends, reform of working style
Human resources measures are measures taken by the Department of Personnel and Organization for human resource work in general. shared. As you can see from the lively discussions about personnel measures before the implementation of the working style reform, the labor shortage caused by the declining birth rate and the aging population of each company in the measures. HR law…

1 Expanding training/education programs

Training is one of the most common pillars of human resource development. During the training process,  the human resources department will play a central role in organizing the necessary training and education programs for the companys future operations, and as a measure of personnel, Members will be given the opportunity to improve their skills  .

Training for new employees and training for managers are typical examples, and  there are two methods  specifically,  OJT and Off-JT  . Considering the advantages and disadvantages of  each type, it  should be used in accordance with the labor object and training content  .


OJT is an acronym for On-the-Job Training. This is a face-to-face education method  in  which a boss or human resource trainer guides employees through real-world or on-the-job experience .

The advantage of OJT is that  it  is efficient  .

  • The point where you can learn tips that can be used in the workplace while on the job will produce immediate and effective results unlike group training which tends to end with desk theory.
  • Instructor awareness is also enhanced.
  • Develop a force that instantly integrates into the organization effectively

However, there are some downsides. That is:

  • Training and educational aspects are neglected due to the busyness of the field
  • There is a big difference in qualifications depending on the teaching skills of the instructors in charge of education

Thats the problem.

What is ojt?
What is ojt?

What is OJT? Basics of how to proceed, precautions, advantages and disadvantages
OJT is a measure in which superiors and seniors in the workplace act as facilitators in the actual workplace to teach educate subordinates and subordinates with the necessary knowledge and skills. OJT is an effective employee training method, so it is deployed by many Japanese companies. …


Off-JT is an acronym for Off-the-Job Training. In addition to the training and lectures that gather a large number of participants by deciding in advance the date, time and place, it  also refers to  the respective education that each person undertakes  .

The advantage of Off-JT is

  • Get information on cutting-edge knowledge and skills when hiring full-time faculty
  • Since Im away from the workplace during the training, I can secure time to focus on the training content.

However,  because the training is far away, there is no denying the disadvantages that hinder the work . In addition, if you do not understand how to apply the knowledge learned in the training course into practice, the training will become meaningless.

Even if you can figure out how to use it  , it can  take a while before the impact of training shows up, so its not suitable  for  areas of high urgency  .

What is off-ojt?
What is off-ojt?

What is Off-JT? Explain the features of the method, training, difference from OJT, etc with specific examples!
The focus of education and training in companies is OJT, i.e. the method of conducting it through actual work in the workplace. However, the synergistic effect of the combination with OFF JT has also been considered, and OFF JT has also attracted attention…

2. Expand/review HR system/support system

To enhance the skills of employees as a company, it is also very effective to expand and revise the HR system and support system.

  • Change the company system itself
  • Create a new system

You can  increase the motivation to improve the skills of employees by implementing  measures such .

If you include grants to improve skills in the system, you will be able to support skill improvement more firmly. There are three ways to expand or review your HR and support systems.

Reviewing personnel evaluation system and salary system

Reviewing the personnel evaluation system and the salary system means that the acquisition and possession of business-related qualifications must be subject to a personnel assessment  .

In building the system

  • Summary of skills required in one table
  • Create a mechanism that reflects in assessments, scores and rewards according to acquired skills

And such. The benefits of reviewing the rating system and the salary system are

  • Evaluation criteria become clear
  • Employees can easily see the direction they are headed
  • It also leads to motivation

On the other hand, the downside is

  • How to visualize skills that are difficult to put in the skill table
  • How to incorporate skills that are difficult to acquire and evaluate into an assessment system

It can be said that such delicate matters are very easy to happen.

Allowance expansion

Expansion of allowances, as one of the incentive measures, is also an effective means. If you have earned a degree, possessed a degree or acquired a specific skill, you will be permanently paid a stipend per month depending on the difficulty of the degree  .

Efforts such as earning a degree are reflected in wages,  so if you have skills that are integral to the business, such as being a real estate and construction entrepreneur, you can increase the redemption rate . If the number of recipients increases, the quality of work will improve.

However,  if you misunderstand the number of allowances specified and the number of people eligible, the cost burden on the company side can increase . In addition, if allowances are abolished by a decision of management, it is possible that employee motivation will drop immediately. Consider the introduction of allowances carefully.

Benefits (support to improve skills, ….)

There are also ways to help employees upskill in terms of benefits. This is  the method by which the company bears part of the costs associated with skill improvement, such as school fees and education costs associated with obtaining a degree  .

We will do it as a benefit program. As a result, employees  have more decision power, such as being able to freely choose the skills they want to improve, which  will  lead  to  highly motivated learning .

The disadvantage is that there are cases where the cost of the so-called tracking is not directly related to the work because the content of the acquired skills is left to the employee.

To overcome the disadvantages, the company needs to limit to some extent the skills that are entitled to the regime  .

3 Relocation (transfer, job rotation, etc.)

Reassignments such as transfers and job rotations are also effective in assisting in upskilling of employees.

The required skills vary depending on the type of job and the working environment. In other words,  there is a possibility that you can gain different skills just by changing positions  .

If you summarize in advance the skills needed for each type of job, it will  be a guide  to consider moving,  so things will go more smoothly.

However, there are risks associated with adapting to a new work environment. If you are facing issues such as strengths and weaknesses in your new job and human relationships at your new workplace, you may be concerned that relocating will not necessarily lead to improvement. skills  .

Be aware that in some cases, simply lowering your motivation can lead to disappointing results.

What is job rotation?
What is job rotation?

What is job rotation? Job rotation is a system in which you can change your workplace and occupation and gain different experiences. Companies that make good use of job rotation nurture many employees by leveraging flexible ideas, diverse knowledge, and many personal connections.

How to improve your personal skills

There are four ways to improve your skills individually.

  1. Get a certificate
  2. External educational institutions (schooling, distance learning, …)
  3. Various seminars and workshops
  4. Side business (dual job)

1 Obtain a certificate

One of the ways individuals can improve their skills is by obtaining a degree. Regardless of national or private qualifications, we aim to obtain a degree and offer training programs such as self-study and textbook-based learning.

There are many different areas of qualification, but qualifications related to or directly related to jobs such as residential land sales, construction and labor consulting and social insurance, qualifications related to language skills, etc. languages ​​and IT, and accounting qualifications such as bookkeeping and tax accounting are gaining in popularity.

The value of obtaining a degree is

  • Easy-to-understand goals for individuals
  • Many degrees have only a systematic curriculum to learn
  • You can learn comprehensive skills in this field
  • Often leads to career advancement

The disadvantage is that it is easy to fall into a state of knowledge bias, depending on the type of qualification.

2 External educational institutions (going to school, online education, …)

To improve personal skills, going to school or taking online courses is also effective . There are many different types, including not only the acquisition of qualifications but also the acquisition of skills and knowledge such as vocational training.

Each educational institution carefully prepares the curriculum. This makes it easier for students to understand the process and achieve their goals.

The disadvantage is that there is a large cost burden.

However,  there are cases where you can take online courses for cheap, and there are cases where the local government offers free or cheap courses to support employment.

3 Various Workshops

There is also  a  way to gain knowledge at seminars related to specific topics . Imagine different seminars.

  • Organized by volunteers for the purpose of learning
  • Free classes organized by the school as a preparation for going to school

There are many different such templates, so you should  check if  it is  paid or free before joining  .

Not only can you freely participate, but you can also  receive confidential information that is not publicly available, and there  seem to  be cases where it develops into meetings and exchanges of information with people in the same industry.

However, there seem to be many cases of event organizers with commercial purposes, such as opening a business to serve participants as customers. It is necessary to confirm the organizer and purpose of the event.

4 Side business (dual job)

Recently, side business is a word that has been talked about because some companies have changed their policies. Do a different job than your main job.

So far, it has been banned in most companies, but as you know, some companies have lifted the ban as part of work style reform.

The point of  a  side  business is that you can earn other income outside of your main business while still acquiring skills  . The disadvantage is that  if you do not manage your time, your private time will be limited, your body and mind will be exhausted .

In case the company bans side jobs, it is considered a violation of the rules and in the worst case can be fired. When doing side jobs,  you  should carefully check the working rules of the company you are doing, discuss with the company before doing it  .

It leads to employee motivation! Free Gifts documents may  show employee engagement.

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The effect of skill improvement – Reform work style by improving skills!

effect of skill improvement work style reform by improving skills!
effect of skill improvement work style reform by improving skills!

What is the effect of upskilling employees?

  1. Individual
  2. Team
  3. The company

I will explain from three aspects.

1. Impact on individuals

There are three main effects of skill improvement on individual employees.

Improve the performance
  • Personal performance will improve if you can effectively perform higher-level work based on your improved skills.
Increase engagement
  • Performance improvement increases self-efficacy and contribution to the organization
  • Engagement, i.e. increased attachment and affection to the company, and a positive mental aspect such as feeling comfortable in the workplace
Promotion / salary increase / career advancement
  • If you can acquire and improve the skills that companies are looking for, you will have the opportunity to play an active role under better conditions.
  • If there is promotion, salary increase as a system, you will get benefits and it will lead to personal motivation.

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2. Influencing the team

Upgrading an employees skills will have a definite effect on the team that employee belongs to. Improving individual employee performance  will  directly lead to performance improvement such as improved team performance and goal achievement .

It also means a team where individuals can maximize their potential and achieve results is a team that is free-spirited and capable of making use of all resources.

In many cases, an agile organization can develop a comfortable business that can solve problems quickly. Q u eat justice, could clear the big goals, such as the achievement of the project over time as you wish.

3. Influencing the company

By upskilling employees, the impact of improving business performance and realizing reforms in working style will permeate  the company.

Improve business efficiency

If individual staff skills have improved  their  achieving high potential and achieve their goals as a group, the companys performance will be improved  .

The presence of employees who have become more active in more advanced work by upskilling their skills will be a small success experience , and the  accumulation  will  bring a  breath of fresh air to the entire organization. company position .

It will be the driving force for a major boom affecting the way a company operates, such as creating corporate culture innovation.

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Implement work style reforms (improve productivity)

In todays society, the working population is decreasing due to the declining birth rate and aging population, it is necessary to improve the productivity of the whole society, putting the limit of working hours first.

Increasing productivity means spending the same amount of time trying to get better results than ever before  . For that purpose, it is necessary to have the  skills to handle larger workloads at the same time and the ability to self-improve the quality of work.

Upskilling means the ability to acquire the ability to handle both of these tasks . There are countless ways to use acquired skills, such as qualified employees opening up new areas and improving efficiency through a deeper understanding of the job.

Improving individual skills not only contributes to the achievement of team and organizational goals, but also greatly contributes to improving the performance of the whole company and the level of corporate culture.

implement work style reforms (improve productivity)
implement work style reforms (improve productivity)

Many companies are now starting to rethink their working style such as considering long working hours and promoting remote work to overcome various problems such as reduced international competitiveness and difficult to recruit due to labor shortage. As a country, tracking companies…


Improving ones abilities through training, that is, improving ones skills, has the power to dramatically change the development not only of the individual but also of the group or organization for which he or she is directly involved. and the company as a whole.

Make it a goal for each employee to improve their skills using various tools such as obtaining degrees, attending seminars, using external educational institutions, and side jobs.

The company also needs to establish and review a system for backing up skills and implementing reassignments. Actively develop different measures to increase employee motivation.

Improve skills: Q&A

Improving ones ability through training is known as skill improvement. It means the same thing as improve technical skills and improve skills. In addition, it can be said to improve skills in a broad sense is to acquire new abilities that you do not currently have through training. For example, improving oral skills is also used when working towards a new degree.

Encouraging employees to improve their skills has three benefits: improved performance, increased engagement, and increased motivation. Being able to perform higher-level tasks more efficiently improves the individuals performance and, consequently, his own effectiveness and contribution to the organization. By being more attached and emotional with the company, you will feel comfortable in the workplace and your mentality will be positive. It can easily lead to promotions, raises and career advancement, and can be expected to improve motivation.

Enhancing productivity by improving employee skills will lead to the promotion of work style reform. Due to limitations on working hours limits, individuals are now required to acquire the skills to perform more tasks and improve their performance within the allotted time. By promoting skill improvement, it is possible to solve the problems needed for reforming work styles. It will greatly contribute to the performance of the whole company and improve corporate culture.

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