Make money with Google AdSense and what you need to know

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Chiasenow hello dear readers. You are reading the most detailed article on how to make money and generate passive income about Google AdSense that you can find on the Internet.

Surely you all want to make money with Google Adsense, right? Lets find out with Chiasenow through this article!

What is Google Adsense? How to make money with Google AdSense!

Google AdSense is a Google product that allows publishers to earn money by displaying ads on their websites, blogs or YouTube videos.

You are paid by Google when a visitor clicks on an ad or based on the number of impressions of the ad, which varies, depending on the type of ad.

What is Google AdSense How to Make Money With Google AdSense
What is Google AdSense How to Make Money With Google AdSense

Ads can be text, images, videos, or other forms of display. These ads are selected by an automated ad auction system.

The auction selects the highest bidder from among the users bidding on Google AdWords.

Google selects ads for your site using different types of targeting:

Types of Ads on Google AdSense
Types of Ads on Google AdSense
  • Contextual targeting - they analyze keywords used, word frequency and link structure to determine site context and ad match to it.
  • Placement targeting - this allows advertisers to choose where they want their ads to appear. These ads are chosen by advertisers who think your site might be suitable for their target audience.
  • Personalized targeting - advertisers can choose sites that cater to a specific category, for example (theater lovers).
  • Network series targeting - this includes all sites in the AdSense network, but excludes some sites under certain conditions

Ads are generated from businesses using Googles AdWords program that you provide using a special AdSense code on your blog or website.

install ads to make money with Google AdSense
install ads to make money with Google AdSense

For new websites or blogs, the Google AdSense program can be one of the fastest ways to generate income, which is why its so popular.

Requirements when registering to earn money with Google AdSense

Google selects sites that are eligible for an AdSense account according to a variety of criteria in terms of the owner participating in the adsense account registration and the site applying to display ads.

Google AdSense account registration owner

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You have to be the owner of your website and control it.
  • You must not use tools to generate fake traffic

Websites registered to display ads:

  1. The content on your website should be unique and interesting
  2. Content must comply with Google Content Policies
  3. If your product is on some of Googles other platforms, like Blogger or YouTube, you can apply for Google AdSense, but you need to meet the criteria and conditions in those platforms
  4. Website must have clear navigation
  5. Your site does not infringe the copyright of the content
  6. Your website must be at least six months old
  7. You need enough traffic to satisfy certain Google requirements
  8. Sites with a history of abuse and violations of Googles policies will not be accepted (fake messages, misleading activity).

See more details about Google AdSense rules here:

How long does it take to get approved by Google AdSense to show ads?

The time it takes for a Google AdSense account to be approved varies. Some sites get approved in 24 hours while others can take up to two weeks to get approved.

You can Watch more Clips about the Google AdSense account activation process below:

  • The first thing you need to do is verify your Google Account and website ownership.
  • Keep in mind to fix any issues your site may have with content, navigation, SEO, or traffic before you submit your application.

Pros and cons of making money with Google AdSense

When entering any form of business, it is important to thoroughly understand the pros and cons. This will determine whether you should participate and determine your future income.

This section will help you understand the characteristics of how to make money with Google Adsense so that you can create the most success!

The Google AdSense program has several great advantages including:

  • Joining is completely free.
  • The joining conditions are easy, which means you can monetize your website or blog even if its new.
  • There are many advertising options and some that you can customize to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Google pays monthly with direct deposit if you hit the $100 threshold
  • You can run ads on many different websites from a single Google AdSense account.
  • There are options to run ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds.
  • You can easily add it to your Blogger and YouTube accounts, for YouTube you will need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to run AdSense on your videos.

However, Google AdSense also has some limitations:

  • Google can terminate your account immediately and wont forgive you if you break the rules.
  • Like all forms of making money online, you need traffic to generate revenue.
  • When people click on your Google AdSense ads, you make some money, but the visitors also leave your site, which means you lose the opportunity to make money with higher paying affiliate products or other products. your own products and services.
  • Google AdSense ads may not have a higher revenue stream than some other advertising programs

Google AdSense is a great monetization option, but its not a get-rich-quick scheme or make money doing nothing.

Furthermore, Google has rules that some bloggers seem to miss when reading the terms of service. As a result, many website owners have violated Googles policies and have lost their accounts forever.

Types of Google AdSense ads

Google AdSense offers many different types of ads to run on your site, including:

17 basic types of Google AdSense ad sizes
17 basic types of Google AdSense ad sizes
  • Text: Text ads use words, list, and vary in size. You can customize the color of the box, text, and link.
  • Image: Image ads are graphic ads. They have many different sizes. You can choose an ad feed option that combines both text and image ads.
  • Multimedia: These are interactive ad types that can include HTML, video, and flash.
  • Image Slides
  • Animations
  • Google AdSense for Search: This allows you to create a Google search box on your website or blog. When a user enters a phrase and performs a search, the search results page includes Google AdSense ads and the same search information as you are searching on Google. You can customize the color scheme of the search results page to match the look and feel of your site.

How to make money with Google AdSense?

As Chiasenow explained at the beginning! Google pays to show ads on your content. So how are we going to implement monetization and what are the actual processes and revenue of Google AdSense. Lets find out with Chiasenow!

How much do you get with Google Adsense per 1000 views?

This will depend a lot on the market your website is targeting. Lets say you have a tech site and one visitor clicks, you can get $1.7 per click.

If you have 1000 visitors and your Click Rate is 1%, that means you have 1 click for every 100 visitors and 10 clicks for every 1000 visitors.

Hence: you will get $17 for every 1000 visitors.

The average cost you get from your content can be $4 to $6 per 1000 views in the developing world.

How Google pays you from your Google AdSense account

Google pays by direct deposit to a bank account or by sending a check (if applicable)

Google checks every month that your earnings reach or exceed $100 then proceed to pay you. If you dont make $100 in one month, your earnings will carry over and be added to the next month.

Every time you reach the $100 threshold, Google will issue a payment on the next billing period.

Through your Google AdSense account, you can see your current earnings, which ads are generating the most clicks, and other useful data.

Notes when participating in the program to make money with Google AdSense

If you want to make a significant amount of money with Google AdSense you need to have a good plan.

Tips to maximize AdSense revenue:

12 Google AdSense optimization tips to increase your advertising revenue and make money with Google AdSense
12 Google AdSense optimization tips to increase your advertising revenue and make money with Google AdSense
  1. Read and follow Googles rules: Webmasters must comply with Googles webmaster policies, as well as the AdSense program policies
  2. Dont click on your own ads or ask others to click on them: Incentivizing clicks, paying for clicks, or using designs to drive traffic to AdSense pages is against the rules. Rule. Remember, Google doesnt condone breaking the rules, so make sure to stick to them.
  3. Have great content that your target market wants to read: Whether through AdSense or other monetization methods, valuable content and quality traffic to your blog or website determines the number money you can earn.
  4. Use Website Marketing Techniques to Build Organic Traffic: Search engine optimization and article marketing are effective in getting free traffic to your website.
  5. Make sure your website, blog is optimized for mobile devices (responsiveness): The number of people using mobile devices is increasing. Also, make sure youre using responsive ads so that Google can deliver the appropriate ad sizes to the mobile devices visiting your site.
  6. Check ad types and placements to find the options that lead to the highest earnings: Start with the standard sizes (300×250, 728×90 and 160×600), then convert them to see if does a different size lead to more clicks.
  7. Maximum of your ad placements: You are allowed three standard ad placements per page. Use them all for maximum benefit.
  8. Has ads above the fold: This is the part of your page that is viewable without scrolling the web page. Be sure to have an ad displayed there
  9. Place ads below header: Instead of placing ads at the top of the page, placing ads near your content that engages your readers will increase clicks even more
  10. Show In-Content Ads: This means placing ads in your posts, It can increase clicks as they will be seen during the reading of the post.
  11. Track your results: Google can overwhelm you with its analytics tools. Do your best to find out what the data says about the ads that work on your site.
  12. Read emails from Google: This can be especially important if Google is sending out warnings about something Google doesnt like on your site. Failure to resolve Googles complaints will result in termination of the program.

Ways to Optimize for Monetization with Google AdSense

Once you have ads running on your site, youll want to make sure youre getting the most out of your AdSense program. Here are some additional tips to consider when youre ready to increase your AdSense earnings.

4 methods to change Google AdSense ad revenue
4 methods to change Google AdSense ad revenue
  1. Run Tests: You can run A/B tests of your ads through AdSense.
  2. Experiment with link and box colors: If the colors dont match your theme, consider changing them to see if it affects the results.
  3. Enable placement targeting: This allows advertisers to choose where their ads appear.
  4. Set up a custom channel: This gives you a better understanding of whats working and not working to generate income on your site.

Google AdSense Ad Stats

  • 38.8 million websites use Adsense (Google)
  • Google Ads is the largest search advertising provider on the market
  • Online advertising increases brand awareness by up to 80%
  • 75% of Marketers advertise on both Google Ads and Social media

Dealing with Competitors’ Google AdSense Ads

If you offer products or services on your website, you may find that some of the ads that Google AdSense serves come from your competitors.

Another possible problem is that the ads may not be entirely legal or they may pose a barrier to your market.

To prevent these ads from showing on your site, Google AdSense allows you to block up to 200 URLs from appearing on your site.

There are 2 problems when you proceed to remove AdSense ad urls that are:

  1. You dont know what ads are running on your site until you see them there.
  2. Since you cant click on your own links (to get the URL), you need to be careful about getting the URL to block. The best way to get the link so you can block it in AdSense is to right click on the link, select Copy link address and paste it in the document or text editor (eg Notepad). The Google AdSense URL is long, but inside it is the URL of the page the ad goes to. Copy and paste that URL into the ad blocker of your Google AdSense account.

Programs other than making money with Google AdSense

There are many ad network programs similar to Google AdSense, such as and InfoLinks.

Some may require a traffic threshold, so you need to wait until your site is established and receiving regular traffic before being accepted.

Most have similar rules to Google, such as limiting the number of network ads per page (usually three) and prohibiting clicking on your own ads.

In most cases, you can run multiple ad networks on your site without violating the terms of service, but youll want to read each networks rules before doing so.

Other income options choose  besides ad networks

Ad networks, especially Google AdSense, are great options as you can join as a new blogger or website owner and they are easy to use.

But they are not the only way to monetize your website. In fact, as your website traffic increases, other monetization options may be better.

Here are some other monetization ideas that you can use instead or alongside an ad network.

Do you know other Online business models besides Google AdSense
Do you know other Online business models besides Google AdSense

Affiliate Marketing:

Like ad networks, affiliate programs are usually free to join and easy to add to your site. Sell ​​your own products or services: Creating your own products or services can make you significantly more money, instead of promoting other peoples products through affiliate marketing. This is especially true for information products or online courses (which are inexpensive to create and sell). Other options include eBooks and freelance services.

Coaching or consulting:

As an expert in your topic, you can help people beyond the information you provide on your website or blog. You can provide more in-depth help through coaching or consulting.

Advertising contracts:

When you have a good amount of traffic and influence your audience, other companies will pay to sponsor your website. They can sponsor your entire website or a single page or post.

As you can see, there are many ways to earn income from a website or blog. But many require you to have significant traffic before making money.

Hence Google AdSense is a good monetization option to start with. You dont have to create anything, you can join the day you start your blog or website, its free and its very easy to add ad code to your website.

Conclusion how to make money with Google AdSense

You, as a publisher, can make money just by writing content using Google AdSense.

You just need to sign up for their program (you must have a website to do this), post your content, stick a Google Adsense banner on your website

How much money you make completely depends on the amount of traffic to your website. Less traffic will result in little or even no income.

Additional factors affect your earnings, the actual content of the site itself, the time of year, how you place your ads, and more.

There are many true success stories of Google Adsense publishers making $10,000 or more a month.

However, the number of these publishers is very small. If youre just starting out, dont expect to get $1000 a few months later.

Instead, Google AdSense earnings tend to increase - as you expand your site and as more people find it.

Long-term success with Google AdSense requires that you write quality content that, over time, will draw people to your site.

Except for the lucky few, Google AdSense is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Instead, Google AdSense provides a convenient way to get additional monthly income. All you have to do is publish the content on the Internet.

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