What is a marketing funnel? 3 typical types of marketing funnels in Marketing

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Every marketer has probably heard the word funnel.

By understanding how this marketing funnel works, you can take more effective measures.

In this article, Chiasenow explains the basics of marketing funnels, how to use them, and recent years reviews of funnel practicality.

What is a marketing funnel?

First of all, lets have a firm grasp of the basics of marketing funnels with Chiasenow.

What is a Marketing Funnel? Use Marketing Funnels to Drive Your Business Growth
What is a Marketing Funnel? Use Marketing Funnels to Drive Your Business Growth

1. Basic knowledge of Marketing funnel

Marketing funnel is used as the term purchase funnel because it is similar to the form that shows the buying behavior from awareness to purchase.

According to wikipedia:

The purchase funnel, also known as the sales and marketing funnel, or the business funnel, is a consumer-centric sales and marketing model that theoretically illustrates the Customers purchase journey in terms of sales. buy a product or service.

In 1898, E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a model that maps the customers buying journey from the moment a brand or product attracts the consumers attention to the point of action or purchase.

2. About each stage of the Marketing funnel

Marketing funnels are known as AIDA models that increase conversion rates, an acronym that stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Summary below:

  • Perception - customers perceive the existence of a product or service
  • Interest - actively showing interest in a group of products,
  • Desire - a particular interest in a brand or product
  • Action - the next step towards purchasing selected products
Each stage of Marketing funnel through AIDA model
Each stage of Marketing funnel through AIDA model

Try looking at your own buying behavior.

For example, knowing a novel doesnt necessarily mean youll buy it. When you do your research, you may find that you dont need to buy it, or you may decide to stop buying it compared to other novels.

In other words, overall purchasing behavior is essentially diminished at the time of final purchase. Even if it is recognized by 100 people, 60 people will still be interested, 30 people will compare and as long as they care about the same, they will buy it.

The marketing funnel can be said to represent the psychological process that leads to this consumer purchase, but have you thought of other marketing models from here?

Yes, its AIDMA. The marketing funnel is a model born from this AIDMA.

In recent years, alternative models such as AISAS and DECAX have been proposed to replace AIDMA.

Reflecting that, the marketing funnel does not take a purchase as a final step, but rather a model that includes suggested post-purchase behavior. Post-purchase behavior refers to the sharing of experiences.

Some images of popular Marketing Funnels

1. Marketing funnel model sales through 5 stages

This is a sales funnel model when you have a physical store. Built through the following 5 stages

  1. Visit the store
  2. View Products
  3. Start paying
  4. Suggestions Upsells
  5. exchange completed
Marketing funnel model sales through 5 stages
Marketing funnel model sales through 5 stages

2. Marketing funnel model 4 steps to build leads

Here is a Marketing funnel model to gradually build and expand your leads:

There are 4 stages as follows:

  1. Discover
  2. Need
  3. Convert
  4. loyal
Marketing funnel model 4 steps to build leads
Marketing funnel model 4 steps to build leads

Practical uses of the Marketing funnel

Here, Chiasenow has told you about marketing funnel knowledge.

For those involved in marketing, the question is, How can I capitalize on this? In this chapter, well take a close look at how to use a marketing funnel.

A proper channel analysis should clarify which stages of consumer policy should be considered and which processes should be focused on.

This can be easily understood by taking the conversion process of a website as an example.

Lets say that there arent many conversions on the page where you converted interest, but the number of conversions on the service referral page you next browse will increase dramatically. In other words, this service referral page has a problem. Well further analyze whether the factor is page creation or the service content itself, and look for areas of improvement.

In addition, by analyzing changes in consumer psychology over time, it can be used to create personality.

Once you know the personality, you will see the right touchpoints for it.

For each touchpoint, higher quality measures such as personality-based content classification or email delivery targeting can be realized.

When using a funnel in BtoB, it can be roughly divided into marketing phase and sales phase.

Marketing automation (MA) tools are useful for nurturing and understanding the status of leads in the marketing phase.

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Three Types of Marketing Funnels

There are three main types of marketing funnels. Lets look at each one.

1. Purchase Marketing Funnel

The purchase funnel is the most basic marketing funnel based on AIDMA.

It is often thought of in relation to the basic AIDMA consumer behavior model, which is the AIDMA step:


  • Attention:Learn about attention, products and services
  • Interest:Hobbies, interests
  • Desire:Wish
  • Memory:Stored in the users mind
  • Action:purchase action

We will apply the numbers obtained through current marketing measures. This allows you to visualize the state of each step.

After visualization, we analyze where the consumer would leave during the fulfillment process without making a purchase. In doing so, youll be able to look at measures to expand buy, which is the narrowest part at the bottom of the funnel.

If the quantity drops a lot in Compare / Check then it is considered as a lack of comparative content, so it is advisable to focus on improving it.

In a nutshell, the idea of ​​a buying funnel is to visualize consumer behavior at each step and capture the narrow part of the funnel and think of expanding it as much as possible.

2. Influencer Marketing Funnel

The influence funnel is the visualization of post-purchase behavior.

It is a triangle in which the number increases in the order of continue, introduce and come out.

The influence funnel is a model born with the increasing power of consumers in Internet communication, such as word of mouth and reviews.

Such word-of-mouth and reviews have further strengthened consumers ability to communicate through SNS, and digital marketing could not be without SNS today. In that context, the influence channel has received more attention.

If you phrase each step as repeat, share and go viral, it will be easier to visualize because it may be related to SNS.

Lets take a closer look at the origins of influence channels, along with changes in consumer behavior.

Specifically, it involves a change in the consumer behavior model from AIDMA to AISAS.

AISAS is a model of consumer behavior created by the spread of the Internet.

Its Attention->Preferences->Search->Actions->Share. The big difference from AIDMA is that Search is placed before Action, which is the actual purchase step, and Share is placed after it.

  • Attention:Learn about attention, products and services
  • Interest:Hobbies, interests
  • Search:Search
  • Action:Purchase action
  • Share:share it widely

Until then, in the buying funnel, if you make a purchase, thats the end. However, through word of mouth and Internet reviews, as well as SNS, it becomes important to monitor future buyer behavior.

It is this influencer funnel that focuses on these post-purchase behaviors.

As an image, consumers even buy will spread through word of mouth and SNS after they actually use the product and feel good. Such sharing exposes products or services to other consumers.

As a result, a great promotional effect can be expected.

In the situation that SNS has become as popular as it is today, it is important not only to mention products and services but also to spread sympathy such as follow, share, like. .

In this way, the influencer funnel is a model that focuses on the customer side, such as what would you like your product or service to look like and can you recommend me instead of buying online. next .

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3. Dual Marketing Funnel

The dual funnel is a combination of the buying funnel and the influencer funnel.

By combining the buying funnel and the influencer funnel, its an image where an already thin part becomes thicker.

This form shows the idea of ​​increasing awareness, purchase rate, user retention, etc. by integrating the purchase funnel and the influencer funnel.

The origin of the double funnel is as follows.

The original purchase funnel remains the same as the purchase process. On the other hand, in the current era when the primary media outlet of consumers has shifted from companies to individuals, synergistic effects can be expected by incorporating the influence funnel, which has become a model. indispensable image.

The double hopper was born from such an idea.

The shape of the dual funnel shows that once you make a purchase, it doesnt end there but customers become fans and create new fan bases through word of mouth and SNS.

In this way, the high-quality customer experience a company provides to its buyers and, as a result, effectively develops customers. Combine it with the lead generation effect that comes from transmitting information by SNS and word of mouth. The synergistic effect of the two is known as the dual funnel effect.

Is the idea of ​​a marketing funnel old?

In recent years, some people say that the idea of ​​the funnel is old and useless because it is outdated. Finally, I also want to mention this issue.

1. Subsequent changes in consumer behavior

The original funnel had problems like straight-line purchasing patterns and greatest common divisor of customer behavior. In other words, there was a negative review that it was a very simple and uniform model.

The root of the reject funnel idea is that real-life consumer buying behavior is diverse and doesnt necessarily apply to these standardized models.

In recent years, buying behavior and psychology has become more diverse, and there is a growing opinion that funnels are not suitable for the times.

For example, Google presents the actual state of new modern shopping and search behavior.

This refers to search behavior such as searching for travel information, gourmet like when users search for car information.

Even if such search behavior is completed, it will be restarted after some time and eventually the purchase behavior such as car replacement will be made. In other words, the current user behavior is an iterative non-linear pattern.

In addition, it is reported that this model produces large behavioral differences depending on the target product and age. It is not surprising that these diverse and complex buying behaviors are difficult to explain in the funnel, which reflects the greatest common divisor.

Furthermore, for products and services, the number of things like sharing and subscriptions is increasing, and we are moving to provide experiences rather than buying goods. There is also the problem that channels, with the primary goal of purchasing (an important starting point in the case of dual channels), cannot include these new forms of supply.

2. Marketing funnels in BtoB are still highly valuable

However, what I mentioned earlier is basically a BtoC story.

The marketing funnel is still a valid model in BtoB.

Marketing funnels in B2B and B2C business models
Marketing funnels in B2B and B2C business models

For example, when a company replaces its accounting system, its unlikely that youre looking for an accounting system, but youre accidentally looking for a building maintenance company.

The behavior of constantly shifting interests and preferences leads to fact-seeking behavior that is rare in the business world.

With that in mind, it can be said that BtoB is a straight line form and is close to the model with the greatest common divisor.

BtoB is said to be more complex than BtoC because of the amount of discussion involved and the decision-making process, as well as the complexity of the determinants. On the other hand, if you only consider the buying process, it can be said to be simple. Also, unlike buying

BtoC, theres very little room for emotional thinking, which is another factor in funnel effectiveness.

Customer journey is often used in BtoB marketing, but a marketing funnel is a simpler tool that allows you to view each process.

Therefore, if you want to get a complete picture of the buying process, a marketing funnel is more effective.

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Marketing funnel summary

Finally, lets summarize the important points of the marketing funnel.

First of all, the most basic idea of ​​a marketing funnel is to represent the process of perception->interest/interest->compare/check->purchase. This is a model based on AIDMA, known as the buying funnel.

Next, with the growing power of consumer communication, a model called Influence Funnel based on AISAS emerged. This shows the transmission of information on the part of the consumer after the purchase.

There is also a model called the dual funnel that integrates the buying funnel and the influencer funnel for a synergistic effect.

As you can see, there are three main types of funnels.

By performing a funnel analysis, you will be able to understand at what stage the problem is and what measures should be taken at each stage.

On the other hand, it is suggested that funnels are not suitable for modern buying behavior, but it is still a valid model in BtoB.

Compared to the customer journey, it is more valuable as a tool to get a complete picture.

Engaging in todays complex marketing can often lead to confusion in thinking and ambiguity in the actions and decisions to be taken.

In such a case, it is advisable to use a funnel that can capture and organize information and thoughts.

Thank you for viewing the article at Chiasenow. Dont forget to leave your comment to let Chiasenow know what you think!

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