8 ways to optimize SEO Facebook Fanpage effectively to the top fastest

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For businesses doing business in the digital age, building communication channels on the internet is a must.

In particular, Facebook is an extremely important channel with an extremely large number of users. Having a Facebook Fanpage that has high search rankings in Google search rankings will help you increase your chances of reaching potential customers.

To do that, you need to SEO Facebook Fanpage effectively. Lets find out with Chiasenow through this article!

What is SEO Facebook Fanpage?

Surely you are familiar with the term SEO Google, then SEO Fanpage Facebook is similar.

Simply put, SEO Facebook Fanpage is how you optimize your Fanpage to show up in the top position of Google search, with the keywords you want. From there, more people can access your services and products.

For example: When you search for the keyword cheap suitcase, the Facebook Fanpage is found in the list of google search results. That is the result of SEO Facebook Fanpage.

So how to SEO Fanpage effectively, achieve a high position in Google search rankings, follow the instructions below.

See more definitions of SEO through the following article:

8 ways to optimize SEO Facebook Fanpage effectively to the top fastest

1. Choose the name of your Facebook Fanpage with SEO standards

The name of Fanpage is an important factor for SEO, and also to build a brand, so it is necessary to think about putting a name that is appropriate, showing its own characteristics.

First, you need to avoid generic names such as: Travel, fashion … because then it will be difficult to get to the top with professionally optimized websites.

Choose a good name, attractive and must be related to your product or service. And preferably the name should be short and easy to remember. Avoid names that are too long, which will affect customer reach and SEO.

And it is important that the name contains the main keyword about the products and services that you trade.

2. Optimize SEO Facebook Fanpage by Customizing URL

Any Fanpage often has a very long default link, contains miscellaneous characters, looks very bad and no one can remember. After creating a Fanpage, you need to customize the URL of the page to be shorter and more eye-catching, and similar to the name of a Facebook Fanpage, the url also needs to contain keywords that need SEO.

To be able to customize this url your page needs to have at least 25 likes. Or created from at least 1 week.

URLs have a lot of value to search engines, so you must include this information. The best URLs are URLs that contain keywords that reflect your products, services, or brand. Try to keep your name short, so that customers can easily remember your brand.

3. Fill in Fanpage information to maximize SEO efficiency of Facebook Fanpage

Facebook and Google both appreciate pages filled with location information, contact information. There are many Fanpages that ignore contacts without even knowing that it brings advantages when SEO Facebook Fanpage to the Top.

In addition, leaving a phone number and address, website information link will help the site gain the trust of customers. It also helps Facebook and Google understand that your Page is a trustworthy and transparent Shop. Therefore, the algorithm will give priority to showing pages that do not have complete information. In addition, adding this information also supports the purchase contact.

The basic information you need to add to the Facebook Fanpage such as:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Describe your Fanpage as your product or service
  • Website (if any)
  • The address of the link to your store

4. Add other social accounts to expand brand coverage

Increasing your brand exposure on other social media platforms is very important for SEO

The platforms where you can add links for Facebook Fanpage are:

    • Intagram
    • Twitter
    • Snapchat
    • Youtube
    • Twitch
    • WhatsApp
    • Line

5. Optimizing SEO for the description of the Facebook Fanpage

The description of a Facebook Fanpage is a short introduction about your company, service, or product. The description is only 255 characters long, so please summarize the product or service content with keywords, brand and contact in this!

6. Pay attention to hashtags to better classify Facebook Fanpage SEO

In posts on Facebook Fanpage you need to pay attention:

  • Hashtags should stick to the content you share.
  • Hashtag should contain your brand and industry keywords that you are SEO.

Use trending hashtags so that high searchers can see your posts on Facebook Fanpage.

7. Take advantage of the Note feature to SEO Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Note is really effective if you know how to exploit it. Because this is a smart way to help you expand your Facebook Fanpage page, which means there will be many other pages in the main Facebook Fanpage page. You can use Facebook Note to make announcements or write notes about how to buy, sell, events, share…

Doing so your Facebook Fanpage can be indexed and archived in Google search page. The title of the Note will correspond to the SEO Title, the name of the Fanpage and the content will correspond to the Meta Data.

8. Backlink pointing to Facebook Fanpage

For those of you who work on website SEO, it will be no stranger to this term. Backlink is a link from another website, social network, other Facebook Fanpage pointing to your Facebook Fanpage.

You need to try to have many places to put links to your Fanpage like other Fanpage, other websites.

If you do that, you will improve your Facebook Fanpages SEO score a lot.

Conclusion: SEO Facebook Fanpage

Hopefully, through this article, you can build yourself a Fanpage to do business and make money online effectively.

Thank you for viewing the article at Chiasenow. Dont forget to leave your comment to let Chiasenow know what you think!

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