Storytelling in business – Storytelling

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Start with reading aloud from your mother as a child, learning to read in elementary school, talking to friends, and talking to friends. After becoming a member of society, everyone lives with their stories. Storytelling is about conveying your thoughts into a story. Of course, you use not only verbal expressions but also writings, pictures, and forms of drama.

Storytelling in business – Storytelling

Thats why storytelling in business is so important in business. Narratives are rarely used to understand project problems or to share problems in groups. Business storytelling makes current projects and individual business ideas more concrete. Even an innovative and unprecedented business model is understandable.

This time, Chiasenow will introduce business storytelling which is very useful in the business field. Well explain the values ​​and tips on how to write, so lets find out.

3 benefits of storytelling in business

3 benefits of storytelling in business
3 benefits of storytelling in business


Storytelling in business is primarily intended as a substitute for presentation. Please use it in scenes such as when presenting a new project to management, when communicating business ideas to investors, and when sharing project outlines and goals in group. Communication will be smoother and easier to empathize with if used correctly.

1. Express your new business idea more specifically

Storytelling in business is useful, for example, when presenting a new business idea to a companys board of directors. The upper management wants numbers and truths. Even if you explain a business model such as what kind of value does the customer want and in what process does your product fulfill a need.

No matter how complete and detailed it is, there is a possibility of rejection. So use a good story to present your idea. The superiors can clearly understand it, and the listener will empathize with it. A specific presentation is required as this is a new business model with no records.

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2. Understand the needs of customers and the value brought by the product.

After talking for a long time, I dont know what you explain is a common mistake that tends to happen when giving a presentation. Business storytelling is very effective in communicating the business model more clearly. For example, when an entrepreneur gives a presentation to an investor, it is better to explain the cause to the problem to the client. The problem is solved by the companys own product. The presentation will be convincing and you will be able to explain the model in an easy to understand way.

3. Attract people around you

Business storytelling is also helpful when sharing project content in groups. You cant immerse yourself in a presentation just by explaining the logic in PowerPoint. By embedding a story, we can explain while providing a simulated experience of how the services and products we will launch will meet the needs of our customers. Impression is born in the presentation. No one understands a new business well except the person in charge. First, lets get acquainted with business storytelling.

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Who is the main character in the story?

Who is the main character in the story?
Who is the main character in the story?


Entrepreneurs are not writers or screenwriters. Suddenly it would be difficult to create a good story. Here are some tips for writing business storytelling.

1. The main character is “company employee” or “customer”

When explaining your business model using business storytelling, make sure to include employees or customers as the protagonist. Employees often see new business models that solve customer problems. He is also someone who experiences the advantages of the new business model such as reducing costs, improving productivity, and increasing revenue. Employees are the right people to represent the internal structure.

By elevating the story from the customers point of view, you can realistically present the customers problems, their solutions, and the paid process. You can clearly see how a company enriches the lives of its customers.

2. Set the character’s personality

Decide on a character so that the audience can easily immerse themselves in the story. For employee it is necessary to consider not only age, gender, family but also the number of years of service, position, work process, etc., For customer need to understand occupation, place of residence, problems, ideal life, etc. Explaining this information at the beginning adds concreteness to the story.

3. Pursuit of reality

The story is the bridge between fiction and reality. However, it is not an actual event, it is often used as a prediction of the future, so to give the listener a sense of reality, reality must not be forgotten. It is necessary to build an implementation that is not shaken from what can really happen.

Presentations to the crowd

Presentations to the crowd
Presentations to the crowd


Storytelling in business isnt just about writing, as I mentioned earlier. You can combine it with visuals, or you can take advantage of visuals and role-play. Finally, I would like to introduce the optimal form of business storytelling for each situation.

1. Present at a group or conference

Since we are dealing with a large number of people, the method of telling a story verbally using images is appropriate. Verbal and visual business storytelling is a recommended method as it costs less.

2. Internal presentation on important business

Use video clips to make sure you know what youre doing. The line between reality and fiction becomes blurred. However, the downside is the high cost.

3. Workshops to share new business ideas

Its a place where conventional expressions are accepted, so roleplaying, where people are made to play characters in a story based on a script. It will be more practical and specific, so it will be easy to understand even in a new business.

4. Reporting to a large audience

Please explain using text and images. If you have a large audience, you can make your presentation clear by making the display intuitive and easy to understand. If you can afford it, using pictures is also an effective method.

Storytelling techniques in business

Storytelling techniques in business
Storytelling techniques in business

Of course, business storytelling is often delivered in the form of content. However, in one word, there are different types of content. Specifically what kind of format?

1. Content of the article

If you already own the media, you can wake it up in the article body and submit it. However, since it is updated daily, it may be buried before you know it. So it would be a set of ingenious to get people watching such as a permanent display at the top or sending with SNS ads.

In addition, interview articles from third-party media are conveyed to potential customers as objective information. There is a good chance that these marketing measures will increase the number of fans.

2. Downloadable Content

Downloadable content such as white papers are useful in competitive markets and markets with high barriers to purchase. Then empathize with your story and create content that supports your decision.

3. YouTube Content

YouTube video content has also become mainstream these days. Its important not to directly promote your own products, but to convey the emotion behind them through video. This model will be EC Scandinavian, Household Supplies Store run by HOUSECOM CORPORATION.

A web drama called Aoba Family Table was developed on YouTube and gained a large number of fans. The content will be made into a movie in 2021. Were developing business storytelling very well.

Create a business model with your presentation

When disseminating a new business model, make it more specific and clear by telling a business story. Also, we recommend building a business model using Business Model Canvas.

Since it is created on a single sheet of paper, it is a way that allows you to capture the business model from a holistic view and easily share it within the team. If you use business storytelling and Business Modeling together, you will be able to build a more concrete and effective business model.

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