Book Reviews: The Secret of a Super Memory – Eran Katz

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With the book The Secret of a Supernatural Memory, author Eran Katz helps you assert: Your memory is much better than you think!

The paradox is that you often distrust your memory, assume you were born with an imperfect memory, and then passively live with it for the rest of your life.

Therefore, what you need to do right away is to change this misconception.

Eran Katz offers memorization methods and a special system of memory-strengthening exercises, to help you remember everything you want. In particular, a common method that he often applies to himself is the association method.

He said: Thousands of years ago, the ancient Romans discovered that, to have a good memory, we must know how to associate, the more special associations we have, the easier it is to remember things.

About the author of the book The Secret of a Supernatural Mind – Eran Katz

Eran Katz is an Israeli scholar and speaker who set a Guinness world record for the ability to remember. He has given more than 1700 presentations and seminars in many parts of the world, including large corporations such as Motorola, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Nokia, General Electric, Coca-Cola, etc.

Eran Katz is the author of two best-selling books in Israel: Secrets of a Super Memory and Jerome Becomes a Genius. These two books have also been translated into many languages ​​around the world.

Contents of the book The Secret of a Super Memory

The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind is a Classic of Thinking, Skill that anyone should read.

Most of us end up using only about 10% of our memory capacity… And to remember things for a long time, my advice is:

Lets each re-recognize life to see how precious our life is. Enthusiastic about everything in life, everything with us will be easy to remember. Today, we are often too dependent on technology to remember what we want; We even have very misconceptions about our memory.

The book The Secret of a Supernatural Memory consists of 23 chapters.

    • Chapter 1. Self-Deception
    • Chapter 2. A New Approach
    • Chapter 3. Riddles
    • Chapter 4. Hello, Ron… ah… Don, I mean John…
    • Chapter 5. This reminds me of…
    • Chapter 6. The Woman in the Golden Shoe…
    • Chapter 7. Cat and gory = Category
    • Chapter 8. The Roman Room Method
    • Chapter 9. Papers, Duties, and Other Arrangements
    • Chapter 10. Wheres the key…?
    • Chapter 11. How to Remember Numbers
    • Chapter 12. Your Perfect Phone Book
    • Chapter 13. From the land of Louisiana to the Napoleonic empire
    • Chapter 14. Super memory in study and exams
    • Chapter 15. Supernatural memory in presentations
    • Chapter 16. Supernatural memory in language and vocabulary
    • Chapter 17. Have we met yet? You look familiar…
    • Chapter 18. What does a name contain?
    • Chapter 19. Using the best methods to remember names and faces
    • Chapter 20. Memorize each members name in the first minutes of meeting
    • Chapter 21. Five Years Later
    • Chapter 22. Playing cards
    • Chapter 23. Memorizing a long sequence of numbers

Chapter 1-7 The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind

The first 7 chapters are meant to convince you that memory is not innate but through practice

Chapter 8 The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind The Roman Room Method

In books called so, and the familiar term is memory palace. This method means choosing a familiar place like your home, which has about 4 rooms. My task is to create a journey to each room, listing 5 items in order in each room.

So there are 20 objects corresponding to 20 numbers grouped together by rooms. Whenever you need to remember something, just choose a room, then associate the thing to remember with the objects in that room. It is important not to change the route and not to change the order of objects.

For example, I have a to-do list for today in the order of going to the supermarket, picking up the goods at the post office, taking the phone to repair, bringing the bag for warranty, going to dinner with a friend. I choose a room that is a living room with 5 objects in order: motorbike, computer, mirror, television, fan.

My task is to link each list to each item in order with a crazy story. For example, going to a supermarket & motorbike, we can imagine that we drive the motorbike to the supermarket, but unfortunately the car stops braking, we go straight to the supermarket like in the movie, we rush through the wall and through the streets. The counter makes customers look at them dumbfounded.

Chapter 10 The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind – How to Remember the Location of Things:

The simple way to remember the location of things is to put things in the right place as a habit. The book says so and I find it very true. I was also afraid of forgetting my house keys, so I bought a wallet that could attach a keychain to attach the house key.

Every time I leave the house, I only need to bring my wallet and phone, both simple and minimalist

Chapters 11-13 & 23 The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind talks about how to remember numbers:

This method is quite good if you are extremely good at English because the method is to assign each number one/some consonants, thereby forming meaningful words and then linking them into a story, different from the way of the book. The magic number is to attach each number as an image.

For example: I assign the number 1 as C, 2 as T, then the number 12 will be Cat (cat). And English has many very very long words, for example television, if we remove all the vowels, we have TLVSN, each consonant represents a number, the word television contains 5 numbers, that is, instead of Remember 5 numbers, I only need to remember 1 picture of the TV!

I tried to do the same with Vietnamese but this method is not feasible because Vietnamese has certain rules in consonants and vowels that make a word cannot be too long and not all consonants can be behind, like the letter B for example.

Chapter 14: The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind – Studying & Exam Methods:

This chapter doesnt really have a method at all, mainly learn from the most interesting parts before learning the most boring parts.

Go to school comfortably, dont be pressured, listen and understand, dont copy anything. When studying, remember the main idea and then link it into a story.

And my learning method is to go to class as much as possible to listen to the lecture because it will be easier to understand than to sit back and learn by yourself. I just listened to the lecture and took note of some keywords in the excel file to create a logically systematic mind map.

(My mind map is dry and full of text, I dont draw anything because I think drawing doesnt work for me and takes too long to draw).

Chapter 15: The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind How to Present Without Looking at Paper.

This chapter follows the same method as the previous sections, ie dividing the presentation into small parts, getting the main idea, then creating images and attaching them to objects in the presentation room.

Chapter 16: The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind How to Remember Foreign Languages.

This chapter has two main ideas: how to remember the meaning by finding out the origin of words, comparing words with other words to see if they have similar meanings.

And how to remember spelling by making sentences for words that are difficult to remember, such as It is necessary for a cat to watch the sunset, which means that with the word necessary, there is a c (cat) in front of it. 2 letters ss (sunset).

This method I find quite interesting. In addition, it is important in learning a foreign language to practice new words regularly.

Chapter 17-21: The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind How to Remember Names & Faces.

Perhaps this part is more practical and easy to apply, so the author spends 5 chapters. The book offers many methods including associating names with specific body parts, associating names with first meeting places, remembering names by pretending to carve their names on their foreheads, etc.

Depending on each person, there will be an appropriate method, but each method requires time to focus and pay attention to others.

Chapter 22: The Book of Secrets of a Sublime Mind How to Remember a Shuffled Deck.

Similar to how to remember numbers. The author will define the quality as a consonant letter, then combine with the consonant of the number to form a word and then link the words together into a story.

Conclusion The Book of Secrets of a Supernatural Mind

This book not only guides you, but also demonstrates to you that these methods work. Therefore, you will find fun exercises throughout the chapters arranged in chronological order and ascending from easy to difficult.

You will notice a change in your ability to remember right after the first few chapters of the book.

After reading this book, you will probably perform special memory-strengthening exercises so that for the rest of your life you will have the knowledge, experience, and evidence that you can trust your memory. of self and the ability to remember all you want.

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