What is valuable content? 5 Factors That Determine Your Content

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Valuable content development strategies come from ideation to execution, so that content can be creative and grow.

In this article, Chiasenow will provide clear insights so you can create valuable content:

What is valuable content?

Valuable content is understood as content that satisfies the following 5 things:

  1. Findable
  2. Readable
  3. Understandable
  4. Actionable
  5. Shareable

Before you start using these 5 things to create valuable content, its important to understand what these mean.

1. Findable: Valuable content is easily found

When creating content make sure your valuable content can be found through search engines. Make sure youre using SEO principles to write or create findable content.

These steps assume youve done keyword research - chosen based on your user research and goals.

Optimize your website for SEO so your valuable content appears in search engines

  • Heading: Use only one H1 tag and multiple H2 tags on your web pages as they help search engine rankings and break up text on a page. Make sure you feature them in your post set. If the content in the H2 segment is heavy, use an additional H3 tag to segment for smaller groups.
  • Metadata: Optimize title tags, keywords and description tags so that it describes important information for your page.
  • Internal links: Include internal links to other pages on your site to increase the value and relevancy of the content that search engine crawlers assign to your pages.
  • ALT: Include alt tags on your images so they appear in image searches.

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2. Readable: Valuable content is readable content

After users find your content, find out if your content is easy to read? This is an important section, because writing is a way of using text to represent content. Make your content as readable as possible with natural language.

When reading an article on the website, visitors scan until they find the content they need.

Therefore, consider using the following:

  • Inverted pyramid writing method: The most important facts should come first.
  • Chunking: Keep paragraphs short.
    • Chiasenow follows the rule of three: Write no more than three sentences in a paragraph and no more than three paragraphs under a heading.
  • Numbered Lists: When people learn information quickly, lists are a great way to deliver information.
  • Consistent language: By using consistent language throughout your article and website as a whole, you will avoid confusing your readers.

3. Understandable: Valuable content is understandable content

Creating valuable content is hard, easy to understand content is even harder when writing a series of content on a complex topic.

How can you write easy-to-understand content?

  • Choose the right content type.
  • Personalize your different audiences and optimize for relevance to the complexity of your content and the users ability to understand it.
  • Always provide context. Even if you think it doesnt seem important, explain even the most basic concepts to your users.
  • Apply a standard reading level to your content for each project and stick to it. This should be based on your market and user research.
  • Provide valuable information to users. This could be new information or a new way of voicing an existing idea. Sometimes metaphors help people understand better.

4. Actionable: Valuable content is call-to-action

Youre creating content because you want the reader to take an action.

So how can you get your readers to take the action you want?

  • Add a clear, persuasive call to action in your content.
  • Make it easy for users to leave comments and ask questions.
    • Example: Allow readers to comment on your blog or redirect people to your Facebook page. If you want to comment through the contact page, make it easy to find and use.
  • Provide links to relevant content or provide options for other content that users already like.
  • Add a list of actionable items at the beginning of long content posts.

5. Shareable: Valuable content easily gets shares

Customers trust their fellow shoppers more than brands. How can you get users to share your content with their friends?

  • Communicate past customers emotional reactions to your readers.
  • Provide a reason to share.
    •  For example: You could tell a story about how sharing health information with each other helped a family boost their exercise efforts.
  • Ask your audience.
    • Example: Ask your users to share your content Please share this content with others if you think this content is useful
  • Easy sharing. Make the share button easy to find quickly when the user needs it.
  • Allows users to personalize sharing.
    • Example: Add hashtags or refer to other sources…

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