10 Free Web SEO Measures – Easy to Do!

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SEO measures are expensive… For those who think so, here are 10 SEO techniques that you can implement for free right now.

We only collect simple items, so act before spending money on other measures.

What is web SEO?

In fact, there are many measures that can be easily implemented, both internally and externally.

Internal metrics are the content-related parts of a website, such as content, update frequency, and link structure.

Specifically, make the HTML and CSS source easy for search engines to recognize and understand.

And the external measure is to build links that can be put on the target website.

Specifically, it deals with verifying from what type of site the link is attached and what kind of anchor text the link is attached to.

This is because search engines have long tended to treat the quality of links as the popularity of the target website.

But punishing malicious links to improve search results is becoming more stringent year by year.

10 free web SEO measures that are easy to implement

Simple yet effective. Lets shareenow learn how to seo web for free

1. Title tag Description Title includes keyword seo

Title tag is an important tag for search engines to understand what kind of web page it is.

It is no exaggeration to say that if you do not include keywords in this Title tag, you will hardly get search results.

Also, be aware that if you add too many keywords, you will get a negative review or it will not be reflected well in the search results.

And also include the keyword you want to deal with in the description tag.

This is not a metric to show at the top of search results, but it is meant to explain what type of site it is, and it is also an item displayed on the search results listing page and to the user. read and click.

So think to make a decision whether to do so or not.

2. Title tag – unique description in web seo

These two are covered in [1], but be careful not to use the same wording on all pages.

There are two reasons for this:

The first is that the page content written about each page is different, so you can take measures with compound keywords called long-tail keywords even in subpages.

Another reason is that in the Webmaster Tools HTML Improvements menu, if the title and description of the same wording are set, it is considered an improvement item.

So all subpages are also noticed by search engines.

Therefore, it is very important to choose keywords and improve them to become unique title tags.

3. Install the canonical tag

If the site or system structure at design time is duplicated, URLs with dynamically specified parameters may be generated, or the same page with or without www may cause duplicate content.

In this case, if multiple pages are indexed, search engine reviews will be distributed according to the number of pages and result in duplicate content errors.

To improve this, you need to use canonical tags for URLs where you want to canonicalize all pages and index them as a single page.

The canonical tag is easy to place because it is written only in the head tag.

4. Install standard h1 tag for web seo

The hx tag corresponds to the title section when compared to a book and is supposed to be the part that search engines refer to when parsing the page.

Among them, h1 is especially important and should be written in a text that includes the main keyword.

Also, there are some sites where this h1 tag is designated as the logo on the top left in the sites image, but it seems better not to do this.

The reason is that if you specify it in the image, it will not be recognized by the search engines, and if you specify the logo, the content will be common to all pages.

5. Sentence structure using hx

As mentioned in [4], hx represents a header. By using h2 through h4 as the middle and subheadings, you can inform search engines about the structure of the page.

Specify words including keywords or synonyms, related words

Also, when using the hx tag, its more efficient to put the plaintext body with a p tag right after it.

6. Set the optimal alt attribute for web seo

Search engines only recognize text. In other words, even if there are some images placed in the article, they will not be recognized by the search engine.

The solution is to describe the image type in the alt attribute. This way search engines will be able to read it.

7. Setting up the breadcrumb path

We recommend setting up breadcrumb trails on the bottom pages of your website to show a sort of page hierarchy.

This is an item that not only conveys the structure of the website to search engines and leads to the creation of internal links, but also improves the convenience of users when accessing the website.

Breadcrumb trails should be marked with structured data.

8. Linking to Mobile Sites

With the popularity of smartphones in recent years, it has been reported that search engines have also updated to use it as a signal whether a target website is mobile compatible or not. are not.

If the PC site and the smartphone site work with different URLs, to link them use:

  • on smartphone page
  • cho trang PC

You should let search engines know that your PC and smartphone pages are the same by using these two tags.

9. Simple Keyword Survey

If you have a Google account, you can use the keyword planner.

With this tool, you can see how many keywords you want to investigate are actually searched.

It also has the function of suggesting keywords that are highly related to that keyword.

So it will be a useful tool for deciding the direction of SEO measures for the entire website, such as what kind of content should be created…

10. External linking measures

Search by the keyword you want to display at the top, and search for services that can be linked from the Web sites shown on pages 1 and 2.

Due to Googles algorithm, the web pages shown in the search results are not fully displayed.

See more:

Web SEO Measures You Shouldn’t Take Even If It’s Free

Recently, the number of so-called directory registration services has decreased, but these services are characterized by being able to receive links from many sites at a low cost.

This is one of the measures that should not be used.

There are two reasons:

  • One is that you have no control over yourself. When you use it, you may get links from many sites, but you may not know how many sites it is posted from and you may not be able to unlink it.

Even if you get a warning from Google, you still cannot remove the link.

  • Second, buying links is not good for SEO in the first place.

Google NG is the act of buying a link with money for the purpose of measuring SEO.

In addition, the quality of the pages registered in the directory style is not high, and the Blacklink is not checked, so not only the SEO efficiency is weak but also the risk of being penalized by Google is very high.

Such knowledge is indispensable even when implementing internal web SEO measures, so if taking such measures will never be penalized by google.

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