What are communication skills?

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 Answers from the experts! 5 communication skills used in business!

Communication skills are often required in business, such as clients, managers or subordinates.

Communication skills are often required in business, such as clients, managers or subordinates.
Communication skills are often required in business, such as clients, managers or subordinates.
However, some entrepreneurs may worry about issues such as conversation with first-timers ending quickly and negotiation or sale not going well. How is the direct answer from the experts on this issue?
The Department of Sociology, specializing in social psychology, discusses Communication Skills, business talk, techniques to open each others minds and how to deal with people who are not good at Communication skills

What are communication skills?

1. Expert opinion

One of the topics I researched on was self-introduction. So it can be said how people express themselves on various occasions.

In addition, we are also researching how to get other people.
Saying yes, or why people say yes, persuasion and influence and the process of how those who lost a loved one in an accident or disaster can turn the experience into a positive outcome .

These fields of study may seem unrelated, but what they all have in common is the me problem. The social psychology of self is a particular axis of how I change in my relationships with different people and things, including communication in research.

2. What are communication skills?

Thats a tough question (laughs.) communication refers to what can be and can be improved with practice. If we define our communication skills based on these differences, , We can say,

After the purpose of communicating with people, think about what we want to show and we can make appropriate efforts and responses to others.

Communication skills are controlling your external abilities through proper communication, which can be developed after acquisition.
Yes. In fact, I wasnt very good at communicating at first. However, in college, I made progress by actively communicating and taking classes with students, as well. like spend more time in my daily  life.Training is also very important to improve your communication skills

So, what should you do to improve your communication skills?

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Start practicing today! Five ways to improve your communication skills

Start practicing today! Five ways to improve your communication skills
Start practicing today! Five ways to improve your communication skills

1. Ask a question

For example, people who are not good at communicating dont talk often. Therefore, this question is often asked. However, some people talk less and less because being asked questions can lead to problems. anxiety about what they are asked.
In this case, one effective way is to develop the habit of asking yourself questions. If you ask a question while thinking about a topic that interests others, you can answer the question to some extent and capture the initiative of the conversation.Like English sessions, once the conversation is interrupted, people start to worry about whether the pronunciation of the words is unnatural and if the grammar is wrong. Its important not to be passive, to some extent you anticipate your own talking path and make room for it.Instead of waiting for someone elses question, fail so you can start with yourself.

– What is the first question you ask in face-to-face situations?

First, we need to figure out what areas and topics others are interested in. This is a common method, but I think you  should try to shake the story of current incidents, thats it. is in news and magazines.

For example, Did you see rugby? Because some people and people are not actively talking about it, it is best to keep some new topics for the story.

If the person is a celebrity and can do a survey, its important to know
the other person s preferences in advance .

- Is there any other way to lead the story that the other person accidentally wants to open up to talk?

If you find a topic or strength that others are interested in in your conversation, its valid to ask the question with the youre not familiar with it, please let me know attitude.

The other person will raise  their self-esteem, so they will talk about a lot of things and if you are really unfamiliar with the field, you can gain knowledge.

2. Find common ground with others

People will find it easy when you find common ground or similarities between them and you . So, for example, being of the same generation, you might want to ask something about your popularity during your school days, and the music you listened to. 

- Yes, of course, when there is a common theme, the atmosphere is calm.

After that, most powerful way to open your heart to others is to tell the story of  you . For example, when I put the topic personally where I could say, such as the story of the I.

The other often says In my case…. Of course, its not good to just talk about yourself, but if you reveal some about yourself first, youll uncover topics of interest to others.

3. Compliment each other

In the workplace, its important to recognize a balance between the two, because familiarity and business communication skills are key to judging a person. have to improve your communication skills, to get other peoples recognition.For
example, when someones way of doing things is very good, they say to the people around them,Repeating this praise creates a loop that the people around you will also praise you somewhere. Complimenting other peoples advantages is not a bad thing, so if you can build such a praise network you can build better relationships within and outside the community.Praise in advanceYes, yes, I dont know, Wow, wow, Yes, yes. I think those are meaningful things.- Complimenting others will also affect you. We will now ask you what communications you should make in specific business situations.

4. Saying unpredictable words

For example, in jobs like telemarketing, in some cases the other person doesnt listen at first. In this case, are there any techniques that might allow you to keep talking, even just a little bit?
One approach is to say something different from general dialogue theory and figure out each others intentions.

In many cases, sales pitches are mostly predictable. This is just an example, but Can you do it in an hour? Can you spare me 60 minutes? Either, An hour is ok, or intentionally use a half like 1 hour and 8 minutes is ok, and say to each other, Huh? I think its also effective to make people feel hard

Of course, if you use these words, you should be able to explain why. This is not a technique for long conversations, but I think it can be used to develop clues for sales conversations.

5. Accept “Jesus”

- Next, when youre giving advice or persuasion to someone youre meeting for the first time, please let me know if theres an effective way to behave.
One of the famous techniques of psychology is called the upper door.

Heres a technique from the Do not close the door with your feet scene, saying OK by repeating small requests, ultimately lowering the barrier to approval for large requests.
For example, in terms of sales, if it seems difficult for you to say try our product at the beginning, you can ask me to do some small questions first, such as Do you have any questions? Can I have a look at this book?

When a person refuses something, he must find out why. So if you keep saying its a defined small request, the obstacles fall and you dont know that you can hardly find a reason to decline even if you are asked to do one. something big.

What is needed for people who are not good at communicating?

What is needed for people who are not good at communicating?
What is needed for people who are not good at communicating?

- In the business field, I think you have the opportunity to talk to people you are not good at, but do you have anything to watch out for when communicating with bad people?

“I can hate myself”

If you are a long-term companion, you should like them to some extent. If you are always angry when you meet that person, leave them.
In terms of thinking, I think that there is no problem between the person with the business advantage and the person without the advantage, so I recommend you to focus on these aspects as much as possible. If your weakness is that you dont even have a good side, why not consider an organization cant be made up of just perfect people? 

Personally, when I deal with people who arent good, I get so excited because I think I can tell I hate them.
This is an illusion of transparency phenomenon. I call it I should definitely be communicated to each other, although others should not understand inside my heart, because I hate so much.

The better a person knows their feelings, the more they feel that the other person can read them too, but in reality, they often dont communicate it to others. 

- Do you think you hate yourself instead?
Yes, yes. If the idea I may hate myself appears in the attitude, then the other person will also adopt the attitude towards people who are hated as a response to it.

So from this point of view, the other person looks like a nasty person. Basically,  youre probably wrong, but you should think you like yourself

In some cases, their attitudes will be softened by telling each other that they get the like. It is better to pursue this possibility. Confident that you are liked, on private occasions like love, runs the risk of developing into trouble, but even if the business scene thinks so, there should be no trouble. 

I was a shy person at first, but as I repeated questions and positive conversations with people I first met, I realized that from a certain point, I gradually felt more elated. encouraged and I increasingly enjoyed talking.

The most important thing is to have a mentality that communication skills  can be improved through a certain degree of training In communication, if you take the initiative, your efforts will pay off. 

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